Cooling Comfort Socks


Designed to reduce irritation, promote circulation, and provide superior comfort for long-lasting support, the Cooling Comfort Socks are ideal for diabetic foot care.

  • Constructed with HEMP BLACK / element odor-neutralizing and antimicrobial technology for lasting freshness
  • Seamless stitch shaping techniques offer a contour fit with left (L) and right (R) indicated on each sock
  • Moisture management yarns keep feet cool, dry and comfortable
  • Engineered with plush performance yearns made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Made in the USA
  • Odor Eliminating
  • Soft Stretch
  • Cooling Air Flow
  • Moisture Wicking

Due to elevated blood sugar levels, patients with diabetes are often susceptible to developing blisters and ulcers. A callus can develop, crack open and get infected if there is sheer friction from a foot rubbing or moving around in their shoe. A therapeutic sock can help reduce the sheer friction by providing padding and a glove like fitting surrounding the foot. The antimicrobial copper and hemp flower extract is engineered into the yarn/material through patented technology. This can help reduce the possibility of infection by eliminating bacteria.

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