CBD Oil for Cats 30mL Catnip 300mg (10 mg/ml)


  • 10 mg USA Grade-A premium CBD (Cannabidiol) per serving
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoid extract containing CBG, CBDV, etc.
  • Other beneficial molecules, essential oils, terpenes, and amino acids
  • 100% organic, USA grown/ processed, non-gmo, gluten free, and vegan 

When you choose Stanley's cbdMD CBD oil, you can rest assured that your feline friend is getting an all-natural, 100% THC-free product. This is important because even a small amount of THC can have a big effect on your cat. We guarantee that you will never have to worry about that with Stanley's cbdMD CBD oil. Our unique hybrid broad-spectrum extraction method combines the absolute purest crystalline CBD isolate with a controlled broad-spectrum extract which prevents any introduction of THC. The result is a premium full-plant cannabinoid extract capable of producing the infamous “entourage effect” without any risk of your cat ingesting THC.

What’s the Right Dose for my Cat?

Since every kitty is unique, it’s impossible to pinpoint a specific concentration of CBD that will have the same effect on every cat. It’s also important to remember that the dosage will vary depending on the severity of the condition. A specific dosage might work great for one cat but may produce mediocre results in another. It’s always better to start at the lowest recommended dose and—if you aren’t seeing the desired results—work your way up from there. Last but definitely not least, remember to always consult your veterinarian before starting your cat on a CBD regime.

Every cat is different so, just as results vary, so does the time it takes to notice those results. A few drops of Stanley's cbdMD Oil Tincture Drops is one of the most efficient ways of taking CBD and many people report seeing a noticeable improvement almost immediately.

As mentioned above, it is important to always consult your veterinarian before giving your cat CBD oil. The FDA has not evaluated statements regarding CBD oil and we do not guarantee that this product will treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


CBD, MCT Oil (extracted from coconut oil) & Catnip Oil Extract

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