Menopause Support (60 tablets)


DESCRIPTION: Menopause Support is an effective formula incorporating a blend of herbs to help support a woman’s health during normal mid-life changes.

FUNCTIONS: Nutritional and pharmaceutical approaches for menopause focus on buffering the effects of declining estrogen levels. Natural compounds, termed “phytoestrogens,” include isoflavones found in a variety of foods like soy and herbs, including black cohosh, red clover, dong quai and chasteberry. They share a similar chemical structure to human estrogen, but have significantly less biological activity. The two most important isoflavones are genistein and daidzein. These isoflavones are found in high concentrations in soy, and clinical studies that consuming soy products may help support female health and wellness. Black cohosh is an herb that helps support normal, healthy female hormone production. The combination of soy, red clover, black cohosh and other synergistic herbs, vitamins and minerals makes Menopause Support an effective formula for helping provide support for women as they transition through menopause.

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