Stanley ED Ring Kit


Stanley ED Ring Kit is a reusable, easy to use product that helps maintain a rigid erection longer or to simply create a more rigid erection. The rings can also be used with other methods of impotence treatment. If you need a simple item to address erectile dysfunction this kit is a good place to start.

Many doctors recommend restricting rings as the first step. It is safe, easy to use and inexpensive. The Stanley ED Ring Kit is perfect for those with a mild case of impotence, erectile dysfunction or a desire to enhance sexual performance. 

Physicians recommend this kit for use with ED medications or injection therapy. These rings are so affordable many customers purchase them as replacement rings for competitors systems.

Features of the Stanley ED Ring Kit:
Elastic Ring sizes included - #3 (1/2”),  #5 (5/8”), #7 (3/4”), #9 (7/8”)
Loader Cone & Sample lubricant included
Can be used with ED medications or injection therapy
Great for men looking to maintain an erection longer
Reusable - easy to use

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