About Stanley Specialty Pharmacy

Since 1933, Stanley Specialty Pharmacy has cared for the well-being of our Charlotte, NC customers. Today, our compounding pharmacy serves not only the Greater Charlotte area but the majority of North Carolina, South Carolina & Texas.

Our mission is to help our customers achieve strong vitality and well-being through customized pharmaceutical treatments and natural remedies. We are committed to superior customer service while meeting and exceeding the highest standards in our industry for quality and safety.

Doug Yoch, PharmD, and the team of pharmacists at Stanley Pharmacy are eager to help in your journey to live well. 

Men’s Health:

If you’re struggling with low T or erectile dysfunction, you’re not alone. We’ve helped many men understand their options and find the right treatment. Take control of your sexual health so you, too, can restore your comfort and confidence.

Women’s Health:

When your hormones are unbalanced, it can affect all aspects of your health. We’re here to help you discover the path to wellness and alignment. We offer natural, alternative treatment options that are safe and effective.


While you have probably heard of CBD, you may be uncertain about how it fits into your wellness routine. We offer high-quality, CBD products from trusted brands. Our team of pharmacists can walk you through the various forms, from bath bombs to oils, and discuss dosage.

Visit us in-person at the pharmacy or give us a call to learn more about our products and services.


Phone: Toll Free 1-866-698-0247

Fax: 704-375-5888

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Stanley Specialty Pharmacy 

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