Autoject EI Injection Aid Device


Automated injection devices that give greater control to patients.

Autoject EI is an advanced auto-injector device that makes injections simple, convenient and more manageable.

It is an effective solution for patients that are apprehensive about injecting themselves using syringes. Autoject EI auto-injector devices conceal the syringe and needle and enable effective drug delivery at a touch of a button. Concealment of the needle also guards against accidental injury.

The ergonomic, easy-to-use design allows many people to self-inject and effectively manage their condition. Autoject EI can be activated by one-handed operation, making it possible to use a wider range of injection sites than by manually injecting with only a syringe. It also features a protective cap and locking mechanism to control activation and a large viewing window for easy scrutiny of the syringe. Audible and visual indicators at the start and end of dose delivery ensure medication is administered correctly.


  • Easier for patients of all ages to administer syringe-based medication 
  • The needle is hidden from the patient’s view making the product suitable for patients with needle phobia
  • A safety interlock mechanism prevents accidental firing until the device is pressed against the skin
  • Device indicators show when the injection is successfully completed
  • Suitable for subcutaneous drug delivery with a wide range of syringes

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