Resveratrol Plus (60 capsules)


DESCRIPTION: Resveratrol Plus supplies 200mg of trans-resveratrol plus 10mg of Leucoselect® Grape Seed extract in vegetarian capsules.

FUNCTIONS: Resveratrol is a polyphenol which is found in several plants including the skins of red grapes, blueberries and to a lesser extent in peanuts. Resveratrol is produced by these plants for protection against environmental stress such as ultraviolet radiation, fluctuations in temperature as well as microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. Resveratrol is highly regarded as a powerful antioxidant and may play important roles in supporting normal cardiovascular and mitochondrial function. Resveratrol may also be useful in supporting sustained muscle function and reducing muscle fatigue. In addition, scientists have discovered that resveratrol has the ability to activate a family of proteins known as Sirtuins. Sirtuins are a unique class of proteins whose activity is closely associated with lifespan. These proteins play a significant role in several biochemical and physiological processes in the body. Most recently, resveratrol has been shown to have a significant effect on a particular Sirtuin protein known as SIRT-1. This protein, when activated, helps regulate important aspects of cellular function, particularly that of the mitochondria-the energy powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondrial function has been linked to aging and disease and resveratrol may be supportive in maintaining the normal aging process, by helping to prevent free radical damage that can lead to premature aging of cells. Resveratrol, by activating the SIRT-1 protein, may potentially mimic the wellestablished anti-aging effects of a very low calorie diet. The combined effects of resveratrol along with grape seed extract, help promote optimal health and healthy aging, by supporting normal, healthy cellular function. This product is vegetarian and gluten free.

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